ZeFit2 Pulse touchscreen only respond to tap gestures in this specific touch-sensitive area. ZeFit2 Pulse screen turns off when not in use. To ensure ZeFit2 Pulse is responding accurately to your taps, we recommend using your fingertip and not your nail. To move between screens, swipe left or right. Put ZeFit2 Pulse on the magnetic charging dock 2.

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Il vous suffit de désactiver ce mode pour ne plus les recevoir sur votre montre MyKronoz. Puis, activez le type de notifications que vous voulez recevoir sur l'application directement. Si le problème persiste, effectuez une nouvelle procédure de configuration. Au préalable, réinitialisez votre montre via l'application ZeFIt2 Nous espérons vous avoir aidé.

Bien cordialement,. Make sure the pin on the charging dock fit correctly onto the charging terminals on the back of ZeFit2 Pulse 3. Plug the big end of the USB cable into a power source 5.

Telecharger Zefit 2 pour pc

A battery indicator will fill to indicate charging is in progress. Once ZeFit2 Pulse is charged, the battery indicator will be full i A full charge takes hour.

When the battery level gets low, a battery indicator will appear. Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device 2. Open ZeFit2 App on your mobile device. Sign up if you are a new member or Log in with your existing account.

After entering your personal information, tap Set up 3. You will receive a pairing request on your mobile device. Press Pair to accept it 5. Then, a pairing request will appear on your ZeFit2 Pulse display. Tap on your ZeFit2 Pulse to accept the pairing 6. Pairing is a one-time process.


If you want to pair ZeFit2 Pulse with another account, you first need to unpair it from the current one. Tap Connect ZeFit2 Pulse to pair a new device 7 3. Pop ZeFit2 Pulse tracker unit into the wristband 2. Place ZeFit2 Pulse around your wrist and put the clasp pin inside the hole 3. Press a few times to ensure the pin is fully inserted and that ZeFit2 Pulse is securely fastened 8 i To get the most accurate data, we recommend wearing ZeFit2 Pulse on your non-dominant hand and not too loose.

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You can set your preferred time and date format manually in the Settings tab of ZeFit2 App. Make sure you keep the device charged to avoid the time being reset 9 5. You can view your daily activity in real-time on ZeFit2 Pulse display by swiping left or right on the touchscreen. The activity tracker resets at midnight.

MyKronoz ZeFit 2 : associer le bracelet avec un smartphone

To upload your latest activity data, do not forget to tap the sync icon in the upper right hand corner of ZeFit2 App 6. You can define your tracking frequency and heart rate zones in ZeFit2 app and set up an alert if you reach a low heart rate or high heart rate level. Repeat the same steps to turn it off. By default, ZeFit2 Pulse will track your sleep from 11pm until 7am. If you forgot to activate sleep mode, you can manually add sleep logs in ZeFit2 App. Click on the sync button in the upper right corner to save your goals.

On the Steps screen of your ZeFit2 Pulse, a progress bar will show how close you are to your daily goal. Once you hit one of your daily goal, ZeFit2 Pulse will gently vibrate and display a Goal achieved icon You can set up to 6 daily reminders, and choose the type of reminder and preferred time and day.

ZeFit2 Pulse will gently vibrate and display the corresponding reminder icon to alert you. A single tap on your ZeFit2 Pulse can dismiss the reminder.

If not dismissed, the same alert will repeat after two minutes. If you wish to disable certain notifications, swipe the selection button to the left. A single tap on your ZeFit2 Pulse can dismiss the notification.

If not dismissed, the notification will reappear next time you wake up the screen. For more languages support, please contact support mykronoz.

You can scroll down to read the full text message. Press and hold to skip to another SMS. You can scroll down to check the missed call history.

Press and hold to skip to another notification. You can view the latest 5 Missed Calls. Disposez ZeFit2 Pulse sur son socle de charge magnétique 2.

ZeFit Android - Télécharger ZeFit gratuit

Un indicateur de la batterie confirme que la recharge est en cours. Activez le Bluetooth sur votre appareil mobile 2. Après avoir entré vos informations personnelles, appuyez sur Configurer 3. Appuyez sur votre ZeFit2 Pulse pour accepter le jumelage 6. Appuyez sur Configurer ZeFit2 Pulse pour appairer un nouvel appareil 21 3. Placez ZeFit2 Pulse autour de votre poignet et insérez le fermoir dans le trou 3. Répétez les mêmes étapes pour le désactiver.