Il se démarque par une vue en 3D sidescrolling on se déplace de gauche à droite, comme dans un Mario , des graphismes léchés et une large part réservée à la coopération. Quelque part entre le MMO classique, le jeu de plate-forme et le beat them all à la Double Dragon, il nous entraîne dans un univers heroic fantasy où les personnages ont des traits enfantins et où les monstres conservent des bouilles sympathiques. L'histoire n'apporte rien de très original. Une sorcière a eu la mauvaise idée de libérer un dragon maléfique enfermé dans une forteresse, rompant ainsi l'harmonie dans laquelle vivaient les humains.

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Heureusement, le système de skills attaques spéciales et les combos dynamisent grandement les assauts. Mais pas seulement.


Dragonica encourage énormément la coopération entre les joueurs. La constitution de groupes de combat puis de guildes est très facile et il vous est régulièrement suggéré de vous allier avec d'autres combattants pour mener à bien les missions les plus délicates.

Il est aussi possible de s'associer pour combattre d'autres joueurs. Il est même possible de se mettre en couple avec un e autre joueur euse de façon à profiter des pouvoirs spéciaux conférés par l'amour. A vous d'utiliser les fonctionnalités de discussion pour vous trouver un être aimé Pets are attained by taming a pet while having the appropriate card for that pet in the player's inventory.

The three most basic pet cards can be bought in any town, while other cards are only found from defeated monsters. Once tamed, pets can be summoned and banished at will by their owners. Upon reaching a certain level, pets can "evolve" to a different type. A pet evolves twice during its lifetime.

Additionally, pets can learn skills at higher levels that allow them to be used as equipment, augmenting their owner's power. There is also a feature known as "overbreeding" which requires a somewhat longer time to achieve.

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Overbreeding grants pets more job points and stats than non-overbred pets. Overbreeding begins after a pet can evolve but not allowing the city tamer to evolve it.

Generally if a pet is not Overbred, it is considered worthless to players wishing to buy a pet Current Pets The Rappelz Reference Guide lists the pets in order of taming chance, using tiers. As of Epic 4, pets from tiers 1 through 3 are considered Basic, and tier 4 pets are considered Rare.

Pet cards for pets from tier 1 can be purchased from NPCs, pet cards for tiers 2 through 4 are drop-only items though sometimes they do appear in the Cash Shop as bonus items on special packages.

Each pet has a specific 'Unity' which is a toggle self-buff for itself and its owner. The rarer the pet, the better its unity. Tier 1 Basic : Pantera: A muscular tiger creature.

It focuses on movement speed and physical attack. Its unity adds P. Poultry: A large chicken creature.

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It focuses on attack speed and accuracy. Its unity adds Acc.

Tortus: A giant tortoise creature. It focuses on defense and high hp. Tier 2 "Common" : Red Pixie : A small red glowing fairy. It has very high magic fire damage capabilities but has low defenses. Its unity adds M. Orc : A green humanoid creature with high attack and defense.

Atk and P. Blue Pixie : A small blue glowing fairy. Great healing abilities, but low defense. Its unity adds MP. Siren : A beautiful humanoid female. It has abilities to debuff enemies. Its unity adds Acc and M. Skeleton : A skeletal warrior. It has fast physical attacks and extraordinary damage-dealing capabilities. Its unity adds Atk Speed. Yeti : A white yeti creature with a mask. It has remarkably high defense and health.

Def Wolf : A gray wolf. It has very high evasion. It's hp and mp are not very high.

Its unity adds evasion. Its skills and abilities focus on high physical attack and high physical defense. Salamander: A red bipedal fire-based lizard. Its skills and abilities are based around high damage dealing potential in both magical and physical areas. Atk and M. Its skills and abilities focus on high dexterity and p. It also has very low HP and MP.

Its unity adds attack speed. Tier 4 Rare : Angel: An angel-like creature with wings. It focuses on healing with great defensive potential. It also bears several magic attacks of notable power. Def Kentauros : A centaur equipped with a spear. Its strength lies in enormous physical attacks and fantastic damage-dealing potential.

Its unity is P. Atk Cerberus : A three-headed dog creature. It focuses on extremely powerful physical attacks and high attack speed. Atk and Acc. Gnoll: A bipedal hyena creature, which focuses on good block rate and p. Its unity adds block chance, block power and also P.

Tier 5 Unique : White Dragon: An ice-themed dragon creature. White Dragons have higher defense and magic attack and thus damage than any other pet, making them simply "the best". They are also nearly unheard of in terms of rarity. Mystic Koala: A koala type beast. Has the 2nd highest defense of all pets and boosts on the user's chance to score a critical hit. It is the only pet that can be obtained without having it tamed.

This pet's unity increase does not increase the chance for more or better loot because luck is unrelated. There are no gender limitations on classes, but each race has its own classes and skill sets. Players are free to adventure anywhere in the game world regardless of race. Classes and Levels Rappelz features a variety of classes, most of which can be unlocked through attaining a certain character level and job level.

Character levels are attained in the traditional way, by defeating mobs and gaining experience points. Besides experience points, defeating mobs also grants the player job points. Job points are required to obtain and level up the character's skills, but also to increase their job level. Most skills require a minimum job level to be unlocked.

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After attaining level 10 and job level 10, characters can choose one of the first job specialized classes. At level 50 and job level 40, the second job class can be chosen. For example, the Gaia warrior class, Fighter, can choose between Champion, a melee-oriented battler, or an Archer, who focuses on bow skills. All classes of any race share a single "racial skill" in Epic 4, which grows in power with each class increase.

When advancing a character's job class, the job level is reset. This means the character is not advanced to a second job class when it reaches level 50, job level Instead, job points are collected to bring the job level up to level 50 as well, before further specializing.

Overbreeding gives a character a small bonus to its statistics. Opinions vary on whether overbreeding is worth the amount of time and job points spent.

They also have water- and earth-based skills. They are primarily defense-oriented, focusing on the powers of healing and buffing. Their racial skill is "Minor Healing", which restores HP to the caster.

Guide - The Guide is the starting class for the Deva. The basic skills Smite and Minor Healing are learned by this class.

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Holy Warrior - Holy Warriors are the game's primary tank class. They have the highest natural health and defense of the first jobs. They have various skills to force monsters to attack them instead of other party members most notably the skill Provoke. En effet elles sont puissantes et peuvent pallier temporairement l'absence d'un cleric, de la a s'en passer sur une DP d'une heure.

De se que j'ai lu la sirene est pas mal en effet et sympa pour pas mal de classe archer, mage, pet classe. Son armure avec le skill dedie sera mage. Mais vu le gain une warior me semble plus adaptée pourquoi veux tu mettre hunter?

Il me paraisse pas si mal que ca moi.