Electronic Biographie Three brothers, three ouds. Samir, Wissam and Adnan. On stage and in the studio, their instruments come together like three soloists who form one single voice. The oud, or Arabic lute, has become the voice of their souls, the beating heart of their existence with which they have become one. Always three, together.

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Always three, together.

In their compositions, each one contributes without ever overshadowing the other two. For them, music only has meaning as a trio. With the Trio Joubran, virtuosity does not give into demonstration.

For these natives of Nazareth who come from a long line of luthiers, it is about the perpetuation of a tradition. Wissam Joubran est par ailleurs un luthier d'ouds.

Arabes de nationalité israélienne [2] , ils vivent à Nazareth et à Ramallah [3] ainsi qu'à Paris depuis [4]. De par leur carrière internationale, les frères Joubran sont considérés comme de véritables ambassadeurs de la Palestine.

Majâz est le second opus du Trio Joubran. Le trio a fait appel au percussionniste Yousef Hbeisch.

Majâz is the Joubran Trio's second opus, for which the trio brought in percussionist Yousef Hbeisch. Il fabrique les trois ouds du Trio Joubran de ses propres mains, personnalisant chaque oud de façon à ce que chacun de ses frères ne fasse qu'un avec son instrument.

He builds the Joubran Trio's three ouds with his own hands, tailoring each one so that, when they are played, oud and player are one.

Entre notes envoûtantes, saisissantes secousses musicales et brûlants silences, le Trio Joubran nous invite au voyage.

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Between painful ecstasy and sumptuous silence, the trio's overwhelming stage performances are both precise and overflowing with emotions that take their audience's breath away. In the middle of nowhere, an inner city neighbourhood that has been deserted by it's inhabitants several years ago.

Adnan fait de cette idée une ambition et durant un an, il travaille avec passion et rigueur.